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Boat hire in Oslo, Norway with or without a skipper

Hire a boat with or without a skipper in Oslo

Oslo is located at the southern end of the country and is connected to the top of the Oslofjord. Renting a boat is the best way to have a nice and relaxing day. Cruise down the fjord, admire the beauty of the area and make sure to bring your camera to take some good photos. From Oslo, you could hop from one island to another, enjoying the scenery and exploring the different shorelines. Listen to old Norwegian stories and learn about the Vikings that once lived there. 

Best time to hire a boat in Oslo:

An interesting thing about Norway is its position geographically. It’s quite a big country stretching vertically in the north. A large part of the surface is actually located in the Arctic circle.

This means that the weather is very polarised and varies a lot depending on the time of year you want to hire a yacht.

  • There is very little daylight in Oslo during winter and even some months when the sun never rises above the horizon. The climate is also very cold during this season so make sure you pack a bunch of sweaters if you plan on seeing the northern lights from your boat.

  • Summer is a different story. The sun barely goes below the horizon and days are very long, sometimes never-ending, literally. This phenomenon is called the midnight sun, and also means that you can navigate during the usual nighttime hours! Weather is good during the high season and averages 20 degrees celsius in Oslo.

We suggest that you hire a boat in summer, as navigating is much easier, and comfortable and a lot more people take part in outdoor activities.

Pricing and information for a boat hire in Oslo

Pricing can get quite expensive in Oslo. Lucky for you, SamBoat provides the best prices with all year round. For a starting price of around 250€ per day for a sailboat you can hire a vessel and cruise on the fjords.

Make sure you book your yacht hire in Norway well in advance as the prices increase in summer.

Do you need a licence to hire a yacht in Oslo?

  • For boats smaller than 8 metres in length and with engines that can’t reach 25 HP you won’t need a licence to hire a boat. 

  • For boats bigger than 8 metres in length and with engines that reach or go above 25 HP you will need a boating licence and ICC.

  • To hire even bigger boats (15m and above) you need another licence “The Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Boat”

What to do in Oslo

Hire a boat for a day and sail down the Oslofjord. Find different islands to explore and make sure to relax and enjoy the sun on a beautiful day. You could also stay late and watch the midnight sun as it goes down towards the horizon.

For longer trips, hire a boat in Oslo and set sail to other cities in Norway, like Bergen or even Tromso if you have the time and courage.

Information about boat rental in Oslo

Licence: Mandatory license
Type of boats: Canal boat, Luxury Yacht, Jet ski, Sailboat, Motorboat, Catamaran, RIB

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