Yacht hire Provincia di Cosenza with or without skipper

Sailing to Provincia di Cosenza, which boat to choose?

The most popular boats are motorboats. At this destination you can find :

  • 5 motorboats
  • 3 RIB

Can I rent a boat without a licence at Provincia di Cosenza?

We offer about :total_boat_licence_free boats without license. But there is also the possibility to rent with a skipper (captain), there are 2 in this destination.

Boat rental in Provincia di Cosenza : how does it work ?

Search for the boat using the different filters available. Once you find a boat that suits you, you can contact the owner directly to confirm the rental. After making the payment, you can arrange a meeting with the owner to inspect the boat and sign the rental contract.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Provincia di Cosenza ?

From 60€ you can access the starting prices of the boats for rent.

How many people can board a boat?

Charter boats have different boarding capacities depending on their size, type and safety equipment. At Provincia di Cosenza, it is possible to sail with a maximum number of passengers that varies between 3 and 9 depending on the listing.

What are the ports of departure for Provincia di Cosenza?

  • Porto Di Corigliano
  • Porticciolo di San Lucido
  • Porto Cetraro
  • Porto Turistico Riva Di Scidro
  • Porto di Cariati

Information about boat rental in Provincia di Cosenza

Number of boats: 8 Boats
Licence: With or without licence
Minimum price: 60€ / day
Type of boats: Motorboat, RIB, Canal boat, Yacht, Jet ski, Sailboat, Catamaran
Skipper: 2 boats with skipper

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