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How the reviews work

At the end of a rental, the SamBoat platform allows each user to leave a review of his or her rental experience and give it a rating. Users authorise the Site to make public on their Profile the evaluations formulated by other Members. These authentic reviews reflect a genuine rental experience and cannot be posted without confirmation of a rental. 

No financial consideration is provided in exchange for posting a review. These reviews are kept and displayed on the platform indefinitely.

Reviews are automatically published without any control by SamBoat at the time of their compilation or diffusion. However, the Site invites Users to report any content or evaluation that may contravene the Law or harm the honour or reputation of any person. They may be deleted by the Administrators of the Site upon a legitimate request from a User justifying the abusive nature of a comment.

In order to avoid certain abuses, the platform may prevent a member from filling in a review when cancelling a rental or opening a claim. 


Only the author of the review may request to modify its content, upon written request and presentation of an ID. It is not possible to contact the author of the review, as the contact details are blocked on SamBoat.