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Can I cancel the reservation?

After the date of the payment of the reservation, a cancellation of the rental cannot be made, unless it meets the following conditions: 

The rental may be cancelled by the Owner in the following cases:

  • In the event of an unfavourable weather forecast for the entire duration of the rental. A copy of the special weather report must be communicated to the site in order to justify it.
  • If the owner proves that the renter does not have the necessary skills to take over the rented boat, or if the rented boat suffers damage making it unfit for navigation and which the owner cannot remedy prior to the rental. The owner shall inform the renter and the company of the occurrence of the damage without delay and provide the company with all relevant evidence.

For any cancellation requests, the owner must make the request on the page with the exchange with the renter under the "request cancellation" button. 

SamBoat is first and foremost a community of trust, you are obliged to honor your commitments.

In case of cancellation without a valid reason, SamBoat's management fee will not be refunded.

For any non-valid reason, a penalty of 50% of the rental amount will be retained as Management Fees (with a minimum of 200€).