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How do I add extras to my ad?

Go to the "my boats" tab and click on the "modify the ad" button

In the "extras" tab of your ad, you can add as many extras as you want. 

You can add extras to your rentals, such as buoys or lunch packages. 

To add an option : 

  • Indicate the name of the option
  • Specify if it is optional or obligatory or offered 
  • Fill in the price of the option 
  • Choose whether the price is per rental, per day, per week or as a percentage of the rental 
    • multiply by the number of people on board
    • multiply by cabin
  • Indicate if you would like to condition the options

These options will not be invoiced by Samboat, they will be paid on the spot on the day of the rental.

To condition the duration of your extras, click on "Add a duration condition".

  • You can add as many conditions as you wish
  • Indicate a minimum or maximum duration

If the global duration condition for the option is minimum “Slot” and maximum “Slot”, then 2 new fields are displayed, allowing the selection of a specific slot duration (minimum and maximum duration)
By default, the 2 fields propose “No time limit”, which indicates that the min or max duration is indifferent. In this case, the option condition will apply to all slots without restriction.

  • The other choices range from 30min to 10h, every 30 minutes (1h, 1h30, 2h, etc.)
  • Slot durations cannot overlap between conditions of the same option (same as for the min/max duration in days).
  • 2 conditions with the exact same min and max slot duration for the same option can't be saved, even if their other characteristics are different (same as for the min/max duration in days).
  •  The skipper is also affected by these rules