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How do the "return in the morning" and "take in the evening" options work?

These options concern the first and last day of rentals of more than 3 days. It is a question of whether the renter will take the boat late enough or return the boat early enough to allow another renter to rent the boat on the same day.
The boat is therefore available in the calendar on the day corresponding to the option selected (the first and/or last day of the rental)

If the rental is returned in the morning or/and taken in the evening, we deduct 1 day from the rental price.
If the renter chooses to return in the morning, they will have to check-out before 8-10am (depending on the owner) and if they choose to take the evening, they will have to check-in after 6-8pm (depending on the owner)


Options Reduction for renter
Return in the morning (on the last day of rental) -1 day
Take the evening (the first day of the rental) -1 day
Delivered in the morning and taken in the evening -1 day

A few examples to help you understand : 

Ex1 : 6 days in high season at 200 € per day with the option "return in the morning
  • Day rate (6 days - 1 day) = 200 €.
  • Nb of days = 6 - 1 = 5

=> price of the rental = 1000 €.

Ex2 : Same example if the advanced rates are filled in (5 day rate=850€ and 6 day rate= 950€)

  • Day rate (6 days - 1 day = 5 days) = 850/5 = 170 €.
  • Nb of days = 5
=> rental price = 5*170 = 850€.


More information on rates calculation  : Link