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How does the management of a claim work?

1) Step 1: Declaration.

The owner reports the incident directly on his SamBoat space. He has a period of 48 hours after the return of the boat to inform us.

Here are the items we need for any claim file:

  • Contract signed
  • Your sea report
  • Pictures of the damage
  • Repair quote
  • A copy of your license (if necessary)

As soon as the file is processed by our team, you will receive an email from the claims department. If the deposit is managed by SamBoat, the amount will be debited and blocked in an escrow account in the name of the owner.

You can provide us with any additional information, or ask us any questions by replying by email.

2) Step 2: Receipt and study of the file.

In high season, the repair quote may take longer to obtain. If necessary, the insurance company may send an expert.

Processing times are therefore often beyond our control. We do our best to reduce them and keep you informed as soon as we receive new information.

3) Step 3: Conclusion & Closing.

As soon as the file is complete, we will contact you to inform you of the various possible solutions.

If the deposit is managed by SamBoat, we apply a management fee of 5% of the amount, with a minimum of 100€. We will therefore give you a period of time to agree on an amicable settlement with the owner. In this case, we will refund your deposit in full and waive these fees.

Without an amicable settlement, we will compensate the owner from your deposit by applying these fees.