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How to change an unpaid booking request

It is possible to make a proposal to modify a reservation request when :

  • The request is in progress
  •  The request has not been confirmed (paid) on the requests page.


The "Change the dates, the rates or othe boat " button allows you to modify the rate, to propose a new date or to propose to the renter another boat if you have several on our platform.

  • If you change the rate (price), the commission will be adjusted to the new rate
  • Select the period of time you wish to allow the renter to confirm the booking request



!/ After payment, you will not be able to make changes. However, you can ask the renter to change the dates or the boat (if you have more than one boat).

If you need help, you can contact our customer service department on tel: +44 20 80 68 56 83 or at