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What type of lease should I choose? (Paper or dematerialized)

Indeed on SamBoat, we have two types of contracts, the paper contract (traditional) and the dematerialized contract (Application). You are free to choose the one you want: 

Paper contract: Available in your thread with a tenant or by email when the reservation is finalized by the tenant's payment. The "paper" contract is to be made in two copies (tenant and owner). It will be necessary to fill in the statement of the beginning of the rental period during check-in and then the statement of the end of the rental period during check-out.
>To find your paper contract for your booking: on your user booking area

Dematerialized contract: The contract is available on the owner's application in the exchange with the tenant.
- Owners just have to click on "Start rental" to start the rental contract. The owner will then only have to "let himself be carried away" by the steps that will scroll on the phone.

- During the check-out, the owner will have to click on "End the rental" to finalize the tenant's rental. The signatures are done directly on the owner's smartphone and the contracts (check-in and check-out) are sent to both parties by email instantly.

The Samboat dematerialized contract can be downloaded from the application 24 hours before the beginning of the reservation. Moreover, you have up to 7 days after the end of the rental to complete the rental.

Important : If you don't have network at the location of the boat, you can preload the contract at home before the rental, all the photos and information will be stored on your smartphone until you have access to the telephone network or a WIFI terminal.