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Why should I never send or receive money out of the platform and share my contact information?

It is strictly forbidden to transfer money out of our platform and to share your contact information.

> If a renter asks to pay you directly, you should refuse and alert SamBoat immediately. It could be an attempt to scam you. Furthermore, you are at risk to be uninsured, be without a contract for the rental and your security deposit would not be taken into account.

Here are the actions that are forbidden on the SamBoat platform: 

  • Sharing contact information through messaging (email, phone number, company name, address, social networks)
  • Arranging a meeting on site or at the boat before payment
  • Unreasonable price reduction (not corresponding to the real value of the rental for the renter)
  • Asking to pay a security deposit before the day of the rental (if you manage the deposit directly)
  • Any form of sharing of contact information on your ad or profile (description and photos)

If you need information or need to contact the renter, you can contact the SamBoat team, even before the rental is confirmed.



  • You will not be covered by the SamBoat cancellation policy
  • Your income cannot be guaranteed
  • You worsen your statistics and therefore your ranking
  • Your boat may not be insured
  • We will not guarantee an after sales service

Unreasonable reduction in price: 
Please note: If you decrease the rental amount, this new amount will be retained as the new total rental amount. The renter's insurance will only cover this new amount. In the case of an unjustified reduction in the rental price, the renter's insurance may decide not to cover the renter.


The advantages of going through SamBoat :

> In order to secure the transactions, they must be done on the platform, allowing us to act as a trusted third party (except for extras to be paid on the spot and security deposit managed directly to be taken on the day of the rental). This will allow you to enjoy the SamBoat experience fully: 

  • You will improve your stats and your ranking
  • You will enable the renter to leave a comment on your account
  • The renter will be able to benefit from additional insurance
  • A team is at your disposal if needed
  • You will benefit from all the features of the platform


Reminder : 

 The contact details of the renter are sent only after confirmation and payment of the rental on the Samboat website.

Once the payment is made, the amount will be held in an escrow account in your name. The bank transfer of your income will be made 24 hours after the first day of rental. 


CAUTION: Any person attempting to bypass the system by sharing their contact details via the platform may be subject to penalties and may have their account suspended and/or deactivated.