Technical specifications - Flyer 6.6 SUNdeck

Construction site : Bénéteau
Boat type : Motor boat
The Bénéteau Flyer 6.6 SUNdeck embodies the perfect fusion between elegance, versatility and performance in the world of motorboats. With its modern design and dynamic lines, this boat offers a contemporary aesthetic that skillfully combines style and functionality. The Flyer 6.6 SUNdeck features a spacious and well-appointed deck, including an elegant forward sundeck, an inviting cockpit with comfortable seating and an ergonomic helm station. The interior of the boat offers a well-designed cabin with a rest area, a practical kitchenette and a bathroom, offering appreciable comfort for extended sea trips. Hailed for its agile handling and marine performance, powered by powerful outboard engines, the Flyer 6.6 SUNdeck is ideal for coastal cruising and varied water activities. Its stable hull ensures confident sailing, while the deck design offers thoughtful relaxation areas. With its harmonious combination of modern design, comfort and maritime power, the Bénéteau Flyer 6.6 SUNdeck promises a sunny and pleasant sailing experience for boating enthusiasts.


Technical features


  • Length HT: 22ft (6.8m)
  • Max. width: 8ft (2.52m)
  • Weight: 1.6 tons
  • Draft: 1ft (0.4m) to 3ft (0.8m)


  • Water capacity: 100L

Standard motorisation

  • Engine Power: 200hp
  • Fuel capacity: 170L