Technical specifications - Oceanis 48

Construction site : Bénéteau
Architect : Nauta Design
Boat type : Sailboat
This model marks the beginning of a new generation of boats, introducing the concept of the Roll Bar. Starting with the Oceanis 48, all Oceanis models will include this much discussed accessory. The boat is imposing, with a wide stern that creates a magnificent cockpit, and a transom that drops into the hull to connect the swim platform with the cockpit itself. This new generation of boats uses a lamination technique called infujection, developed by Beneteau, which combines elements of injection and infusion. This technique reduces production costs, decreases the weight of the boat and increases the solidity of the hull.

Photos of the boat


2 cabins and 2 toilets
3 cabins and 2 toilets
5 cabins and 3 toilets

Technical features


  • Length HT: 48ft (14.6m)
  • Max. width: 16ft (4.74m)
  • Weight: 3.5 tons
  • Draft: 6ft (1.83m) to 7ft (2.17m)


  • Max. sleeping capacity: 10
  • Number of cabins: 2 to 5
  • Bathrooms: 2 to 3
  • Water capacity: 370L

Standard motorisation

  • Engine Power: 75hp
  • Fuel capacity: 200L

Standard canopy

  • Total sail area: 367sqft (112m2)
  • Mainsail area: 184sqft (56m2)
  • Genoa/jib area: 184sqft (56m2)