Technical specifications - Activ 755 Sundeck

Construction site : Quicksilver
Architect : Quicksilver
Boat type : Motor boat
The Quicksilver Activ 755 Sundeck embodies the pinnacle of elegance and versatility in the world of powerboats. Her contemporary design and clean lines seduce at first glance, while her spacious foredeck offers a generous sunbathing area, ideal for relaxing and soaking up the rays of the sun. The thoughtfully appointed cockpit offers comfortable seating, a flexible layout and refined finishes, creating a friendly space for passengers. Featuring a powerful engine, the Quicksilver Activ 755 Sundeck offers remarkable performance, suitable for a variety of water activities, whether casual cruising, dynamic water sports or simply exploring the waters. This boat embodies the harmonious marriage of luxury and functionality, providing an unrivaled sailing experience for those seeking memorable marine adventures.


Technical features


  • Length HT: 25ft (7.62m)
  • Max. width: 8ft (2.55m)
  • Weight: 1.8 tons
  • Draft: 2ft (0.55m)


  • Max. sleeping capacity: 2
  • Number of cabins: 1
  • Water capacity: 80L

Standard motorisation

  • Engine Power: 300hp
  • Fuel capacity: 280L