Technical specifications - Salpa Soleil 26

Construction site : Salpa
Architect : Salpa
Boat type : RIB
The Salpa Soleil 26 represents the pinnacle of Italian engineering in the world of mid-sized pleasure boats. At 26 feet long, this boat embodies the perfect balance between elegance, functionality and exceptional marine performance. The exterior of the Salpa Soleil 26 seduces with its modern and clean lines, its elegant hull and its spacious flybridge, offering a panoramic view of the maritime horizon. Inside, space is used intelligently to create a luxurious cabin with careful attention to detail, refined materials and premium finishes. The main deck layout is designed to maximize comfort with a spacious salon, well-equipped galley and welcoming cabins. The flybridge, equipped with comfortable seats and a navigation bar, offers an ideal relaxation space to enjoy the sun in style. Powered by powerful engines, the Salpa Soleil 26 offers exceptional performance, combining speed, maneuverability and stability. Whether for luxury coastal cruises or more extensive adventures at sea, the Salpa Soleil 26 represents the perfect embodiment of the pleasure of sailing in style.

Photos of the boat


Technical features


  • Length HT: 26ft (8.00m)
  • Max. width: 10ft (3.00m)
  • Weight: 1.500 tons

Standard motorisation

  • Engine Power: 350hp
  • Fuel capacity: 305L