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The route we decided on with Fuertecharter was great. However, the navigation is a bit long between Arrecife and the Graciosas Islands. Big collective crush on the island of Graciosa where we would have liked to stay one more day. The navigation area allows you to see many dolphins, magical moments but there are very few wild anchorages and we have to go to ports where we cannot swim. So small regrets for not having been able to take sufficient advantage of the kayaks and paddles. In short, a very exotic and wild destination. To recommend
Le parcours que nous avons décidé avec Fuertecharter était top. Cependant, la navigation est un peu longue entre Arrecife et les îles de la Graciosas. Gros coup de cœur collectif pour l'île de la Graciosa où nous serions bien resté une journée de plus. La zone de navigation permet de voir de nombreux dauphins, instants magiques mais il y a très peu de mouillages sauvages et l'on doit aller dans les ports où nous ne pouvons pas nous baigner. Donc petits regrets pour ne pas avoir pu suffusammenr profiter des kayaks et paddles. En bref, destination très dépaysante et sauvage. A recommander
Hire a boat in Fuerteventura or charter a yacht with or without a skipper

Discover Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean aboard a motorboat, a yacht, a sailboat or a catamaran. With or without a skipper, for an unforgettable holiday in Fuerteventura with your charter boat at the best price. Sail along the coast for several days or just for a day. Discover its charming beaches and its very special atmosphere. Hiring a boat in Fuerteventura is a wonderful idea to discover the flattest island of the Canary Archipelago. There is no better way to enjoy the Canary Islands in Spain than to rent a boat.

Pricing and Info on hiring a boat in Fuerteventura

To hire a sailboat in Fuerteventura for the day, prices average around £300. For a weeklong charter, a sailboat will cost on average around £3000 in the low season and £5000 in the high season. However, the cost of hiring a boat in Fuerteventura depends on several factors such as the type of boat, the length of the rental, additional services, fuel costs, etc.

Boat availability in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an island known for its stable temperatures and sunshine all year round with 25° during the day. It is known as the island of eternal spring. If you want to hire a boat in Fuerteventura, we recommend you go between September and October, when the wind is less strong. Fuerteventura has an arid climate and in some areas a desert climate. The water temperature during the summer months is ideal for water sports. The winds in Fuerteventura can be strong at different times of the year.

Do I need a license to hire a boat in Fuerteventura?

Spanish law allows you to hire a boat without a licence up to 5 metres in length for a motorboat and up to 6 metres for a sailing boat. There are also boats without a licence of less than 5 metres and with a power of 15 HP. If you wish to hire a more powerful or larger boat, you will need to show a valid sailing licence and previous experience through a sailing CV. If you do not have a licence or sailing experience and want to hire a larger boat, you can hire any of our boats with a skipper from our catalogue. When you hire a skippered boat, you can relax and enjoy your trip. The skippers help you to get to know the places you visit by boat in depth.

Overview of Fuerteventura

Visit the exciting volcanic island of Fuerteventura and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of Africa. Here you can enjoy the great mild weather of the island not only on the many great beaches but also on a hired boat! Very good wind conditions make the area around Fuerteventura an ideal sailing area for sailing professionals or sailors who like to sail with a skipper.  Hire a boat in Fuerteventura with a skipper - at the best price!

The island is full of activities to try, including exploring the many beaches such as the Cofete beach with its golden sands and stunning waters to try windsurfing and kitesurfing when the wind is good. Try some other water sports such as surfing, with the conditions on the beaches of Corralejo being some of the best to try your hand at the sport. Marvel at the dunes of Corralejo in the natural park by the Atlantic Ocean.

Visit some of the manmade sites, such as the lighthouse of Punta Pesebre, or Betancuria, the most beautiful village in Fuerteventura. The island is a great place to go sailing, with some incredible ports, including the four main ports on the island: Port of Morrojable, Port of Puerto del Rosario, Port of Corralejo and Marina El Castillo.

Sailing areas around Fuerteventura:

Information about boat rental in Fuerteventura

Number of boats: 10 Boats
Licence: Mandatory license
Minimum price: 325€ / day
Type of boats: Sailboat, Catamaran, Luxury Yacht, Motorboat, Canal boat, Jet ski, RIB
Skipper: 10 boats with skipper

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