Yacht hire Qarku i Vlorës with or without skipper

How to choose the best type of boat for Qarku i Vlorës?

The RIB are the most commonly rented boats in this destination. But others are also available :

  • 1 sailboat
  • 2 motorboats
  • 4 RIB
  • 2 yachts

Sailing without a boat licence is possible.

You can rent a boat with a skipper (a professional who pilots the boat) from our selection of 9 boats. A true expert of the region, he will be able to guide you to the nicest spots.

Boat rental in Qarku i Vlorës : how does it work ?

Whether you are looking for a motorboat for a day out with the family or a sailboat for a cruise with friends, book online in a few minutes from among the 9 boat rental offers. Once confirmed, all you have to do is to make the inventory and sign the rental contract to go sailing.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Qarku i Vlorës?

From 200€ you can access the starting prices of the boats for rent.

Boat capacity on a charter boat at Qarku i Vlorës

The rental offer at Qarku i Vlorës allows you to find boats that can accommodate up to 12 people. If you divide the rental price by the number of people, your trip is much more affordable.

Information about boat rental in Qarku i Vlorës

Number of boats: 9 Boats
Licence: Mandatory license
Minimum price: 200€ / day
Type of boats: RIB, Yacht, Motorboat, Sailboat, Canal boat, Jet ski, Catamaran
Skipper: 9 boats with skipper

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