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Boat hire & Yacht Hire in San Diego

San Diego is one of the largest and most visited cities on the Pacific coast of California. It is extremely well known for its beaches and warm weather. You can enjoy both by renting a boat in Chicago and cruising its waters. This city has a very large harbour that accommodates a large and well-equipped naval fleet. It is well worth renting a boat in Chicago and anchoring in this harbour to enjoy the maritime atmosphere.

Pricing and information about hiring a boat in San Diego

The price of boat hires in San Diego varies depending on the season and the type of boat. During the high season, the demand for boats increases and prices automatically go up. If you want to hire a boat during this season we recommend you book your boat at least two months in advance to secure your spot. At SamBoat you will find a wide range of boats at a great price. 

Do you need a license to hire a boat in San Diego?

Most boat hire establishments in San Diego do not require a license. Some of the establishments may ask for a license or for proof that you have experience sailing the type of boat you want to rent. If you do not have a license or experience you can hire a boat with a captain. At SamBoat we have a wide variety of skippered boats available.

Things to do in San Diego

Visit Balboa Park 

It is a 1200-acre park ideal for walking, renting a bike or picnicking. 

A day at the beach

San Diego has an extensive coastline, choose the beach that suits your tastes and enjoy the weather and the sea. In some of them, you can practise water sports. 

Practical Information:

San Diego has an international airport that welcomes flights from all over the world. Once at the airport, you can take a taxi or public transportation to get to your destination. If you are in the state of California you can take the famous Pacific Surfliner train for a pleasant ride with a spectacular view of the Pacific. 

Information about boat rental in San Diego

Number of boats: 12 Boats
Licence: Mandatory license
Minimum price: 154€ / day
Type of boats: