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Catamaran charter in Puerto Rico

Charter a catamaran in Puerto Rico with or without skipper with SamBoat

Puerto Rico is an archipelago in the Caribbean. It consists of one main island, four smaller islands and over a hundred cays and islets. If you hire a boat in Puerto Rico, it will be easier to visit every corner of the island. 

The diversity of Puerto Rico is immense, with diffehire natural scenery and a culture that mixes traits of other cultures such as Spanish, African or Taino. 

Create an itinerary to sail around the island of Puerto Rico. In the north, you will find beaches with impressive rock formations and natural pools like the one in Manati village. On the east side, you will find an island called Culebra, which has many white sandy beaches to enjoy with your group of friends. On the south side, you will find eleven villages full of history, and bioluminescent bays. The south side of the island is ideal for renting a catamaran and enjoying the tranquillity of the sea. On the west side of the island, you will find beaches with unique waves for surfing and the best places to admire the sunset. 

Catamaran hire in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has long been considered one of the top sailing destinations. This island has a climate suitable for sailing almost all year round. In Puerto Rico you will find many marinas, among them San Juan, Fajardo and Puerto del Rey. These marinas are very well equipped and have a unique atmosphere. Renting a catamaran in Puerto Rico is easy and will give you an unique experience.

If you want to live a very unusual experience, we recommend you to hire a catamaran in Puerto Rico and sail to one of the bioluminescent bays. At night you will be able to enjoy a unique natural spectacle. Onboard a catamaran, you will have the best place to enjoy this magical spectacle.

How much does it cost to hire a catamaran in Puerto Rico?

The price of chartering a catamaran in Puerto Rico can vary depending on the season. The average price will be around 600 euros per day in the low season. Prices may increase during the high season. In Puerto Rico, the high season months are from April to the end of June, you need to consider that during the winter season Puerto Rico is one of the most popular destinations. If you want to hire a boat during these months, we recommend you to look two months in advance and start the hire process as soon as possible.

 Do you need a license to hire a catamaran in Puerto Rico?

Residents will be required to have a license to operate a boat. For non-residents, knowledge of boat operation and valid identification is required. We suggest that you have a nautical resume outlining your previous experience.

If you don't have a license or experience, you can hire a bareboat or any other boat from our catalogue with a skipper. Skippers are helpful, they can show you places that only locals know. Ask the skippers for suggestions on local restaurants and hidden coves for an even better sailing route.

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