Boat hire in Hawaii with or without a skipper

Hire a boat with or without a skipper in Hawaii, USA:

With SamBoat you can choose from a wide range of boats, sailboats, canal boats, RIBs, catamarans, and yachts. With offers to hire boats from 50$/day, we fulfil all needs and purposes for ideal yacht hire in the USA for a perfect holiday.


Reasons you should hire a boat in Hawaii:


The “Aloha State” means the state of love located in the western United States, in the pacific ocean will greet you with authentic Hawaiian culture. Hawaii is a chain of volcanic islands that will make your adventure and travel dreams come true. From sandy beaches to gorgeous mountains, it’s a place for having fun and getting enough adrenaline for a lifetime. But also for relaxing while experiencing the true beauty of nature. 

Hawaii may be the greatest destination for surfing as it has some of the best point breaks on earth like Pipeline or Sunset. Most of all, checking boat hires in Hawaii with SamBoat could be one of the smartest decisions you can make in order to fully discover the islands. 

Hawaii has 8 main islands. Boat hire is the best option to discover all islands as you have complete control of your itinerary. Having the choice of exploring the archipelago by sailing to the spots that interest you the most. Hopping from one location to another will allow you to visit volcanoes, scenic waterfalls, golden beaches and sunsets from different angles. 


Pricing and Information on boat hire in Hawaii:

Make sure you check pricing accordingly to the type of boat and whether skippers are available or not.

The demand is higher during the summer and so are the prices. It’s the best time for sailing as conditions are optimal. We suggest that you make your reservations in advance if you are planning a trip. 

Do you need a license for boat hire in Hawaii?

We recommend that you read the Hawaiian Boating laws and regulations. For motorized vessels, the state of Hawaii requires that you take a boat safety course that you can pass online, it’s about 35$ through the official website. You must also show proof of a boating licence and be at least 15 years old.

If you do not have a licence it’s okay as most of our boats in Honolulu have skippers who will be your captain and accompany you during your boat hire.

Best time for boat hire in Hawaii:


The high season in Hawaii is from May to October, and the best time to sail is in June when the forecast is the best and trade winds are expected. You can sail all year round but you should pay detailed attention to the weather can quickly change, especially during winter when the swell is much bigger and the winds are much stronger. We recommend that you stay aware and learn about the harbours around you for your own safety at all times. It’s also in your best interest to sailing during clear days only, as coral reefs can be dangerous and could potentially end your trip on the spot during a cloudy day.

Beware as the shape of the islands can create unsteady winds and currents.  There are many different possibilities for wind directions which can make the ocean chaotic and unpredictable.


Advice and activities for a Yacht hire in Hawaii:


We suggest that you start from Honolulu in Oahu and explore by hiring a Yacht and sailing all around the island. For a longer stay, you could even discover the other islands like Kawai a little bit up north, or Maui down south. It really is up to you as you have complete freedom while chartering with SamBoat.

Oahu has a great number of activities and fantastic places to visit:

Surfing: Oahu is the birthplace of the sport. Sail away to the north shore for quality waves if you are an experienced surfer. Be very cautious as many spots are dangerous with shallow reefs and massive swells in wintertime. For instance, Pipeline is often described as one of the most magnificent barreling waves out there, but also brutal and terrifying at the same time! Make sure you talk to locals to get good advice before paddling out!

For more beginner-friendly surfing, head south to White Plains Beach, Canoes or even Old man’s if you prefer longboarding.

Snorkelling: Hawaii hosts very diverse ocean life! There is nothing like enjoying your time by exploring pure nature on a paradisiac island. Furthermore, nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the beach in front of a beautiful sunset after your snorkel session. The best islands in Hawaii for this activity are Kauai, Maui and Big Island.

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Information about boat rental in Republic of Hawaii

Number of boats: 7 Boats
Licence: Mandatory license
Minimum price: 922€ / day
Type of boats: Motorboat, Catamaran, Sailboat, RIB, Canal boat, Luxury Yacht, Jet ski
Skipper: 7 boats with skipper

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